Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Diablotek Experience

A couple years ago I purchased a Diablotek "PHD series" 650W power supply by Diablotek. This was my experience:

Notice, I say experience because this isn't a review. Had the power supply lasted more than a week before it EXPLODED, then this might have been a review.

So, I bought the power supply from Newegg, whom I've never had a problem with, ever. It arrived at my place promptly within a couple days. I installed it, and it worked like it should have. The only problem I noticed was that it always smelled like burning plastic. Even when it was off, but it was worse when it was on.

I decided it was just because it was new. Only the next day, while playing Mass Effect 2, I heard a loud pop and the wall behind my desk was illuminated in brilliant electric blue. I knew instantly hat had happened. Bits of shrapnel rained down the inside of my case, and I could hear bits of capacitor tinkling off my CPU heatsink and being ricocheted around my case by the fans that were still spinning. I pulled my PC out of it's compartment in the desk and unplugged it as quickly as possible. It was smoldering. Smoke was coming from the back of the case and the smell was worse and had a metallic tinge. I installed my old PSU and was surprised to see the rest of my components were unharmed. I contacted Newegg and told them the story and they told me to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. I thought that might be a better idea given the circumstances. I thought that perhaps sending it back to the manufacturer would help them resolve the problem and correct their product.

In the next weeks I sent six or seven emails. I never received a single reply. I even tried calling their support line. No answer... At this point I'm thinking, What the hell is going on? The next months I sporadically sent emails, still no replies. That was the last time I bought a cheap PSU.

Two years later.

I go to Newegg looking for a power supply that can handle SLI and see the same power supply, only this time it's the "2nd Generation" version. I look at the reviews and see things like this:

One in particular:

Pros: Look nice
Cables have a nice shield
very quite
Cons: Where to begin, well it almost caught my room on fire by shooting sparks out the back. The power supply worked great for 1.5 years, then broke. I submitted an RMA request on their site and got no response. After trying to call them more than 20 times, i finally got someone, who assured me i would receive a email that day. I got nothing. So i tried contacting them again, same situation, called 20 times got nothing. So i called a different department, who transferred me to the tech support. That gentleman said he could nothing for me and gave me the RMA center number. That number which he gave me sent me to Sparkles tech support. So i called back the other office, the lady their was nice, she took my name and number down and said she would call tech and have them call me. I got a call from the RMA center, low and behold they called me from the sparkle number. I finally got an RMA but i don't think i am going to send it in, just to get another broken one. I will never buy Diaboletek agai
Other Thoughts: The Power Supply ran very hot.

Don't buy DiabloTek or Sparkle.

If you don't believe me: Newegg Reviews

Basically they're all saying it exploded, and support doesn't exist.

I decided to find mine and open it up(voiding the non existent warranty), and take a look at the innards.

The first thing I noticed is the bits of shrapnel embedded into the plastic of the fan:

There's also a chalky substance on the fan itself:

It got everywhere:

There was a random screw glued to the fan connector:
What the hell?!
Some debris:

Blue shit on a wire:

Someone else's 850W version:

One interesting thing to note, the box has smoke on it:
If the PSU box has smoke pictured on it, stay away.
Don't buy Diablotek.

Diablotek translation: Satan Technology

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuck yeah!

The Minecraft adventure update is LIVE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Orchestra 2: No day one unlocks for Deluxe Edition

Apparently there is an issue with the day one unlocks for the Deluxe Edition of Red Orchestra 2. Meaning, they're not available to the players who purchased them. However, according to "Tripwire Senior Programmer" Xienen; "We just looked into this and have found the issue. We'll get a fix out as soon as possible."


EDIT: A recent Update fixed this issue.

Minecraft 1.8 Bug Fixes

Jeb is working on bug fixes even as we speak. He has listed the following as "being worked on":

* SSP chunk memory leak
* Mineshaft density (half now)
* Increased stronghold count to 3 per map instead of one
* Furnace tile entity crash
* Crafting bench ghost items
* Vines (and leaves) crash in nether
* Use item animation in SMP (blocking and eating)
* Blocking in SMP
* Sprinting with right-click or sneaking
* Added some blocks to creative mode
* Fixed dropping items
* Nothing can be eaten in creative mode
* Enderman client-side problems
* Chicken and cow drop burned food
* Squids drop exp
* 1.7 worlds should get structures
* Farmlands rejecting melon and pumpkin seeds
* Bonemeal on melons and pumpkins
* Bonemeal on mushroom only works on dirt or grass
* Added item drops for cracked and mossy smooth stone brick
* Adjusted fog strength at low positions


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mouse DPI & FPS Gaming

 A lot of "pros" will tell you that a high resolution (DPI) mouse setting won't improve your game. I believe this statement is true, but not in the way you may think. Browsing forums and product reviews, I've found there to be much confusion about the matter.